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We are a family of Seventh-day Adventist Christians who are committed to building and sharing the love of the Lord Jesus Christ. Partnered with the Seattle Central Korean Adventist Church, we are blessed with the community rich in culture and Spirit.


This Week's Sermon


Chasing Lilacs (9/1/2018)

Faith is a difficult concept to practice. The Christian worldview calls for action without rational thought. How then does one cultivate “faith” when it doesn’t make sense to trust in an invisible God? Join us this Saturday morning as we discuss principles of cultivating belief.

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Previous Sermons


“Blessed Are… The Poor In Spirit” (8/25/2018)

Jesus said, “Blessed are the poor in Spirit”. People must approach God as someone who is spiritually broken and empty on a daily basis: a spiritual poverty mindset. A mindset where there’s no personal spiritual investing or stockpiling for tomorrow; the Spirit is available for today and today alone. A

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Was the Curse of Adam Real? (8/4/2018)

The Bible says that after Adam sinned, the “ground was cursed” so that Adam’s words would no longer hold authority over the earth and nature. Adam would have to resort to physical labor if he wanted to eat or have any command over nature. Over time, the world would forget

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Remember the Sabbath (7/28/2018)

Of all the 10 Commandments, only one of them begins with the word “remember”. Ironically, it seems that many Christians today would insist that it’s the only commandment that we are free to forget. When we celebrate the 4th of July, we are called to remember the events of the

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Afternoon Activities

September 1, 2018 – Saturday

Photo by Casey Horner

1:00 pm
Board Directors' Planning with Teams


2:30 pm
Board Meeting


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