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We are a family of Seventh-day Adventist Christians who are committed to building and sharing the love of the Lord Jesus Christ. Partnered with the Seattle Central Korean Adventist Church, we are blessed with the community rich in culture and Spirit.

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This Week's Sermon


What Does It Really Mean To Follow Jesus (6/9/2018)

What does Jesus really mean when He tells us to follow Him?  Is it simply another way to say “I agree with what He says”?  Or does He really mean we’re supposed to do the things He did and live the life He lived?  Jesus once said, “If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.”  Self-denial and the life of “cross carrying” seem so distasteful, so why would anyone want to actually Follow Jesus?  So why do you choose to Follow Jesus– and what does “Following Jesus” mean to you?

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Previous Sermons


What Do We Do About Sin? (6/2/2018)

Sin. It’s one of the biggest obstacles of the Holy Spirit. It’s the gaping hole in our gas tank that keeps us empty even when we go to God to be filled up. Today, the world labels sin as something evil and offensive– but the Bible calls it a brokenness

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Danny Jeon

How I Became A Christian (5/26/2018)

This coming Sabbath, I want to share my own experiences of prayer in my spiritual journey. Whenever I am looking back on my past experiences, I am very thankful for everything! God has been leading my life and answering my prayer in the best way. God knows not only what

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All In This Together (5/19/2018)

1 Corinthians 12 tells us that the church functions very similar to the human body. How many body parts can you name that you own only 2 of (e.g. arms)? How about just 1 (e.g. nose)? In church we often feel lonely and out of place because of our perceived

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